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Dzisiejszego dnia dodaliśmy do naszego sklepiku SMS 2 nowe outfity, 3 mounty oraz reroll token. Użycie reroll tokenu doda nam 5 bonusowych rerolli w Prey Systemie. Zachęcamy do kupna

Niestety nasza serwerownia (OVH) prowadzi obecnie prace nad ulepszeniem swoich łącz, co powoduje masskicki na serwerze. Nie mamy na to żadnego wpływu i musimy przeczekać, aż prace dobiegną końca, a poziom usług wróci do normy. Gracze którzy zginęli podczas masskicków, pomimo naszego 2-poziomowego poziomu ochrony, mieli zwracane doświadczenie podczas dzisiejszego i wczorajszego zapisu serwera. Nadal będziemy zwracać Wasze utracone doświadczenie (+ pieniądze za blessy) w razie kolejnych masskicków. Bardzo przepraszamy za problemy.


The time has come for the next major game update.
We have gathered all the facts and proudly present to you the winter update 2016.

Have you ever heard of a race called the Astral Shapers? You have not? Well, that is not surprising since this prehistoric culture vanished from Tibia's surface ages ago. With the downfall of the Shapers their greatest good, their omniferous knowledge, got lost as well.
However, the existence of six ancient sites has been confirmed lately, meaning there is still a chance to regain this knowledge. Embark on a dangerous journey through these dungeons and face the degenerated descendants of this former highly cultivated species. Knowledge is power! Find it, gain it, and use it in your fight against the uprising dark forces.

To get access to the ancient sites, players need to rebuild a temple located in the north of Thais, first. Afterwards, you can use a powerful technique called imbuing, which brings us to the next big addition this update provides for the game. Players can use imbuing stations located all over Tibia to strengthen their weapons and equipment with temporary effects. Keep in mind that powerful imbuements have to be unlocked via quests first. Imbue your equipment wisely and teach your enemies the meaning of fear. They won't see it coming.

We are also introducing the prey system which allows you to gain temporary advantages against certain monster races. A prey lasts for two hours of your hunting time and gives you a benefit over your selected monster you will not regret having. Up to three slots are available to roll for monster lists and respective bonuses against the monster you choose from each list. You can gain more XP or increase your damage output against your chosen monster. Damage reduction might also come in handy, as well as an increased loot chance. Find your perfect combination to make your hunting more efficient and enjoyable.

Reward chest 100%.
Refile stamina on trainers.
For New Players 750 POINTS TO SMS SHOP FOR FREE !!!            

New Bank System 100%.
Automatic Points for Guilds.
System the critical and leech 100%.
NPC Cassino, acesso no dp.
Experience shared 100%.
Heart of destruction quest complete.
You can buy NPC using the balance of the bank.
Global depot 100%.
Otherworld, Nightmare Isle, Krailos, Grimvale and all areas 10.94+ working 100%.
Quests Gravedigger, Elemental spheres, Ferumbras quest working 100%.
Equip hotkey with exausted.
NPC selling SSA, Might Ring and other items with correct charges.
New potions, new items, mounts and addons 10.94.
Raids, loots configured like rl tibia.
Anti-bug Stack.
Houses oramond 100%.
New area trainer .
NPC Addons 100%.
Adventurer Guild 100% Original.
Dwarven legs quest 100%.
Mapa 95% like global.
Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania tibia update 2016




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